Montag, 21. Januar 2008

Borscht, first try

So, yesterday I made my Grandma's Borscht.
There was not much to veganize, I only had to replace the cream.
I used soy cream for the first time ever. Of course I used a little too much. It's so much more efficient than regular cream, I'm quite impressed.
I also feared that it might taste weird, but it's pretty neutral and I can't complain at all.
Since I didn't have any more red beets I couldn't save my Borscht though. It still tasted good, but overall it was just too creamy.

I will make the whole thing tonight: Pierogis & Borscht.
I told my dad last night that I was going to cook our traditional Christmas dinner today and his face lit up "Ohhhhh, really?" Ha ha, he can't wait. And the fact that I honour his moms recipe so much really means a lot to him.

I still need onions and mushrooms and more red beet though.
Ugh, I hate the fact that I have to work until 6 and am home at 7 which leaves me with one hour available to shop for groceries. I hate hectic.
And most of the time I forget at least half of the stuff I planned to buy, even if I have a shopping list (what's that about?)!

Oh, and here's something that never fails to impress my taste buds: Pesto Rosso topped with tomatoes. So simple, yet so wonderful.
I didn't have any whole-grain bread anymore though, so I had to settle for a plain wheat roll, hmph.


ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

I love how borscht is so pink-- I feel like I am eating princess food!

I've never had mushroom pierogies, but I loooove loooove mushrooms, so I bet they'd be amazing. The ones my grandma made were potato-filled. Now you've gotten me interested in trying to make some mushroom ones, though, so let me know how yours turn out!

Ooh, and yay for broccoli ;o)

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

oh, the pesto rosso sounds lovely - especially topped with the cherry tomatoes!! yum!!

Cookiemouse hat gesagt…

I also love pesto rosso and usually make this with sun dried tomatoes and organic Italian country bread. Lovely pictures.

Jennifer hat gesagt…

The Pesto Rosso topped with tomatoes looks sooo good. It makes me wish that it wasn't winter right now.

Since having local, organic, freshly grown tomatoes, I really won't eat any tomatoes other than canned (which isn't very often) over the winter. The icky ones you can get at the store just don't compare. Over the winter I sure do miss tomatoes.

Did you make this recipe up or is it from a particular cookbook? I would love to try this when the tomatoes are in season here in Mid-Missouri.