Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008

Dulche Sin Leche & Simple Vanilla Agave Nectar Cupcakes and the first HIAV tryout

The first thing I tried from How It All Vegan was the onion cream cheese. I added some dried basil to it. I'll have to add a little more pepper or maybe a bit garlic the next time.

And now to the Dulche Sin Leche Cupcakes...

Oh my God, they are incredible, the caramel glaze is to die for!!! I already ate two, but I still want to cook a decent dinner so I have to stop myself (easier said than done).

I made a batch of Simple Vanilla and Agave Nectar Cupcakes, too. Along with the Blueberry Mousse that I'm going to try out tomorrow.

Also, I made raspberry sauce for the next batch of Pancakes I surely will have again very soon.

And then I made sour cream after the recipe Jennifer recommended.

Oh and the sniff test... I'm actually not sure whether the silken Tofu passed it or not. It didn't smell very bad, just a little dusty and like wet carton. I didn't eat anything of the stuff I used it in yet, so I would really appreciate some advice from the ones of you who have used silken Tofu before. Please? You can get cupcakes for it, I have enough ;)

And now I'll leave you with a close-up picture of frozen blueberries, because I'm a macro-whore and drool over pictures like that ;)


Cookiemouse hat gesagt…

The closer you get to those cupcakes the more delicious they look!

Jennifer hat gesagt…

Lizzy - Thank you, you are too kind. Please try the scone recipe and improve upon it! Then post it on your blog and then I can try the new and improved version. Both Brett and I agreed that they needed to be sweeter, so that is a word of advice I'll give you for making them yourself.

I guess butternut might be on the same level of sweetness as a pumpkin, but it doesn't taste like pumpkin at all. The best I can describe it is more like a cross between a sweet potato and a regular potato. They are very good, just a bit hard to cut since they are so big. I don't like pumpkin either, so if it tasted like one you could bet I would steer clear as well.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes to cook and serve more than eat my creations! And I too feel bad about those time my parents would prepare home cooked meals and I wouldn't be as appreciative as I could have been for their efforts. I am very lucky that Brett routinely expresses his gratitude that I put so much effort into making meals for him. I think, in general, we should appreciate the small things people do for one another more.


T hat gesagt…

This is pretty ambitious stuff for a new vegan! I still haven't gotten around to trying to make cream cheese or sour cream. Maybe I will now- I certainly have a beat up copy of How it All Vegan to work from.
And VCTOTW is such a dream come true- every cupcake in there is as good as those dulce de leches. I've become a real PPK enthusiast.
Anyways, love your blog!

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Ya for blueberries! I sometimes just eat the frozen ones outta the bag! Or I throw frozen ones in cereal... it turns the soymilk purple!

I am craving Dulche Sin Leche Cupcakes big-time now!

Ruby Red Vegan hat gesagt…

WOW - that caramel glaze looks nothing short of heavenly. And with an almond on top = even better!! My secret for not overdoing it on the sweet treats (therefore ruining my appetite for a meal) is to cut the recipe into fourths or eighths, so that I only have enough for the people immediately around me, or just enough for myself. And it's a great way to see whether a recipe is good or not without wasting ingredients!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh man those cupcakes look good. I need to bake more cupcakes very soon...

LizzyQ ~ Vegan Mother hat gesagt…

I just found your blog... I could eat those cupcakess right off the screen.. YUM!