Dienstag, 15. Januar 2008

Ignorant meat eaters

Ugh, ignorant meat eaters are a pain in the ass.
I tolerate their lifestyle, but they don't tolerate my decision not to eat anything that comes from animals.
They think I'm missing out on stuff, that I just replace things with cheap imitations of flavor or texture.

Good God, if I think it's tasty and know it's good for me, just don't care and mind your own business.
It's not like I try to force anyone to eat something they don't like, but to say "This sucks!" just because soy milk is listed on the ingredients... *sigh*

Has that happened to you before? A discussion you know you couldn't win?
Or better yet I was too exhausted to fight because people can't be forced to accept something if they are against it from the start. *shakes head*


Paulina hat gesagt…

This happens to me almost on a daily basis with my sister. She is extremely against veganism and believes humans were made to eat meat. She considers my being vegan a disadvantage but still manages to eat all the food I make.

I do recommend the cookbook Yellow Rose Recipes but would advise you to go take a look at the author's blog first where she listed the table of contents. That way you can see whether or not the recipes interest you. I think they're very original and tasty but I wish there was more variety especially when it comes to the desserts.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

extremely against veganism and believes humans were made to eat meat
This is SO my boyfriend!
I just don't get it though. One time I was like "It's not like we have to eat meat to survive, I mean look at animals, many of them don't eat other animals." His answer "Yeah, but we're not animals! Humans need meat!" Duh! Sometimes he drives me crazy. He actually admitted that he is very intolerant when it comes to vegetarianism/veganism *rolls eyes*

I love when people complain about veganism and how "dumb" it all is, but then have to admit that some vegan food actually does taste good ;)

I checked her blog and now I'm really excited to get this book <3

Denise hat gesagt…

I know this is nothing new to vegans, but I hate hate HATE the whole protein argument. When I try tell people that I get plenty of protein from eating beans, nuts, seeds, tempeh and tofu products, they just roll their eyes. I just want to scream at them something along the lines of YOU IGNORANT PEOPLE DON'T REALIZE THAT YOU ONLY NEED A FRACTION OF THE PROTEIN YOU STUFF INTO YOUR BODIES. Grrr. So frustrating.