Freitag, 15. August 2008

Amsterdam goes Members Only

Hey ho!

I decided to make my Amsterdam blog accessible for only the people I know, because stupidly enough I gave this address to some Americans yesterday who I actually do not want to be able to read this.
Same old story, they seemed nice and turned out to be creepy.

So let me know if you would like to be added =)

Dienstag, 5. August 2008

Lettuce Bean Veggie Salad

My this was a great lunch!

Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red cabbage, green garlicky beans with great northern beans and some ripped Falafel.

I'll have to make these kinds of salads more often! Especially now to take it to work with me.
When I arrived for the interview at Mattmo they had some sort of peperoni cut into pieces and asian crackers... the typical dutch snack, except there was no cheese. So yeah, I will definitely need to brin my own food, ha ha!

Oh btw, if anyone's interested I decided to make a blog for the time I'll be in Amsterdam. For friends and family to read so I won't have to email every single person.

I'm Loushka, in case you were wondering =p It's what basically everyone who knows me calls me.

Amsterdam Pictures from De Bolhoed

As I said, here are the pictures.

My sister & me in Vondelpark, expressing our joy that after 3 years of living apart we will finally be able to see each other again daily =D

Oh yeah and those white glasses.... I bought them in red and black aswell, ha ha! And no, I'm not balding, it's just a bad hairstyle =p

At De Bolhoed. My sister, looking still a liiiiiiittle bit sceptical, ha ha!

The salad was DELICIOUS! Although there were only two lettuce leafs, it contained some tomato-ish bulgur/rice/whatever, string beans in some delicious red creamy sauce, a mixed mush of black beans and avocado, sweet potato (my sister and I both didn't know what it was, but it was orange and sort of sweet so I guess it was a sweet potato), radishes, tomatoes and cucumber.

And oh, can anyone tell me what's on the top? I ate it aswell, but have no clue what it was exactly =p

I ordered hummus with pita (how boring am I) and it was delicious aswell. I wrapped up two pita halves and 3/4 of the hummus that was leftover to take home with me. The guy was so nice, he brought it back and had put some extra sprouts and a radish in there =)

My sister ordered what was called croissant something (sorry I can't name anything here, ha ha) that was filled with tofu, potatoes, some seaweed sort of thing and some more stuff and tasted very curry like. It was FANTASTIC! The dough was so crispy and the sesame seeds on top made it perfect.

And a picture of the dessert my sisters boyfriends mom made me. Beautiful presentation in a fancy glass and lovely fresh mint, non?

I'd love to browse all your blogs and catch up on what I've missed and most importandly comment, but I still have so many things to do until Sunday. I'll try to find the time, don't hate me!
Oh dear, what will it be like in Amsterdam without internet at home? =O The last week was hard already, I felt pretty much disconnected to the world, ha ha!