Montag, 14. Januar 2008

Tip: Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant in Berlin

Café V in Berlin (in case you should come by ;))

They have a few vegan dishes, too, which I'm eager to try.
For example I've never eaten vegan mozzarella before. Is it any good? Well I guess I'll know after ordering their vegan pizza.
Even my mom got all excited when I told her about this restaurant(it belongs to my best friends uncle) although she is an occasional meat eater.
So hopefully we'll go there either this week or on the weekend.

I only had a soy latte last time (they didn't use alpro though, it tasted kind of dusty; I love alpro, I think it's the best soy milk ever)

And if I hadn't brought my Golden Vanilla Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, I probably would've ordered something else. Oh well, next time =)

Oh and my boyfriend isn't too excited about the fact that I'll try to eat vegan now. He thinks I'll be lacking stuff blahblahblah. But then again he already told me that I was missing important nutrition because I didn't eat meat. Yeah right... sigh.

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