Montag, 14. Januar 2008

Purple Berry Smoothie


1/2 cup frozen berries
1/3 cup soy yogurt
1 - 1 1/2 cups soy milk
2 Tbsp. agave syrup
3 Tbsp. apple sauce

1. mix everything in a blender
2. enjoy!



Paulina hat gesagt…

I love smoothies and yours looks divine! Have you ever tried adding greens to it? You know, like kale or spinach?

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Thank you =)

Actually no. I've seen the Kale-Banana smoothie at your blog and it looked yummy.
Do you have any recipes? For example I wouldn't know what kind of smoothie to make with spinach, but I'm curious to try =)

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Ooh what a pretty smoothie... and it's purple-- yay!

As far as cookbooks go, I like Voluptuous Vegan, although the recipes can be very complicated (their peanut butter banana ice cream is AMAZING!). How It All Vegan is good too (I see you ordered that one, so I'm interested to see what you think). And I also really like Vegan Gourmet and the Candle Cafe cookbook. Lately, I have tried to stop buying cookbooks because I really should start making more use of the ones I have, as well as the plethora of recipes that can be found online!