Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

Vegan Sub-prise

At the moment I'm designing ad's for Subway. The guy I am working with called me, asking if he could drop off the new data and information and asked if I wanted a sandwich. Quickly I remembered what I had looked up a few weeks ago. Veggie Delite on wheat bread, no cheese, sweet onion sauce - that's vegan.

(of course there was no picture of the Veggie Delite on the disc, hmph!)

And now he brought me one, along with about twenty free 6"-Subs coupons and a VIP-card with a 15% discount. Awesome!!! =D


Anke hat gesagt…

I wish they had a decent vegan option over at subways. the last time I got a sub they really went cheap on the veggies so I was left feeling REALLY hungry after lunch.

can't they do a nice'n'filling thing like grilled tofu or hummus or seitan or grilled mushrooms?????

Lizzy hat gesagt…

That's what I'm thinking every time. I already ask them to leave away the cheese and I want veggies only. I'm always pretty disappointed that they don't even load up on those =(
I guess if one wants a really good and nutritional sandwhich there's no other option but making it yourself. *sigh*

HOFFMAN hat gesagt…

The Subway keeps the menu consistent menu all over the world so that the customers can enjoy the same taste through the Subway sandwiches where ever we go. It is a double treat for us as we can get amazing offers with Subway Coupons.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Actually the Subway wheat bread contains honey- go with Italian! (It's vegan) fyi.