Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2008

Purplelicious Oatmeal, Pink Cucumber Soup & Chickpea Cutlets

I made a delicious oatmeal with alpro's wild berry soy milk, cinnamon and frozen blueberries.
Talk about eye candy! Oh, how I love purple food!

Then I made a cold cucumber soup with red beets, soy yogurt, dill and parsley. I had cooked potatoes on hand which I wanted to add, but somehow totally forgot about.

And I had a good laugh when it turned out - once again - that Isa was right with her prediction in the chickpea cutlet recipe introduction text - that it'd be famous on blogs!

My mom had the cucumber soup while I finished the chickpea cutlets I had made in advance for today (after reading that they taste even better the day after) and asked if she could have one.

She took a bite and proclaimed "Delicious! You can start mass producing them!" Ha ha! Another person hooked on the famous Veganomicon cutlets. I'll buy more chickpeas today and make about 20 cutlets to freeze for my mom & me. It was her request and she reminded me again this morning not to forget the chickpeas =p

She said she especially liked the texture. "Much better than all those veggie patties which are so crumbly they always keep falling apart!"

To go with it I had some lamb's lettucce and tomato drizzled with mustard-agave-balsamic dressing and soy yogurt mixed with mustard.

A very pleasing meal!
I can't wait to have the other cutlet tonight. I'll make yellow grilled zucchini and bell pepper to go with it. And maybe either tzaziki or homemade tomato ketchup. We'll see!

Also on my to-do list: black bean burgers! I need more protein!


romina hat gesagt…

I love it when my oats turn purple!!! =)
And three cheers for chickpea cutlets!! The sauce looks so good.

Grace hat gesagt…

i love your purple oatmeal! i'm convinced that purple food is infinitely more tasty than food of other colors. :)

Jennifer hat gesagt…

That oatmeal sounds awesome. I've never seen berry soy milk.

The chickpea cutlets, they are great aren't they. How funny your mom liked them so much, it seems like your parents, and especially the boyfriend, are really coming around thanks to your amazing cooking.

Your photography keeps getting better and better. These pictures are gorgeous.

CeciLiA hat gesagt…

Wow I've never seen oatmeal as purple as yours before!

Hahaha, looking at your cold cucumber soup reminds me of my childhood where my mum would boil up a pot of beetroot soup using nothing but onion to flavor the stock... needless to say, I was petrified by the colour of it ... it looks like BLOOD!!

And oh! the chickpea cutlets looks divine!!

Btw, I really love your photos! I agree with Jennifer that your photography skills are getting better day by day!

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Okay, your oatmeal, chickpea cutlet, and soup are DEFINITELY eye candy/food porn - yum!!

I vote for making black-bean burgers soon!! :0)

Ruby Red Vegan hat gesagt…

Maple-mustard sauce and mushroom gravy are my favorite things to have with chickpea cutlets. You really outdid yourself on your photography today! The cutlets look great, and I especially love the pink foods! I have never seen a prettier bowl of oatmeal, unless I compare it to your mango-raspeberry oatmeal which was also a sight to behold. Beets are so delicious, I would love some of your cold soup right now!

Ruby Red Vegan hat gesagt…

*Oops, I spelled raspberry wrong. Aaaah typos stink!

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

"Oh, how I love purple food"

Um, marry me? ;o)

Gosh, I wish they made wildberry soymilk in the US. Maybe I'll have totry making my own.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Romina - Thanks!
I love that I found soy yogurt as the substitute for sour cream/creme fraiche and whatnot. Works like a charm =)

Grace - Ha ha, I have no choice but totally agree with you!

Jennifer - I'd happily trade a carton of that against one of hemp milk - no grocer carries it =(
Ha ha, yeah especially since she demanded a mass production of them while the first bite wasn't even swallowed =p
Aww thank you! Yeah, from time to time I'll take care that the "setting" is free from clutter (and I should do this for every pic), but most of the time I just take a quick shot.

Cecilia - The milk itself already had a lovely shade of purple so I was even more excited when I added the thawed berries!
Aww, sorry it gave you that image back into your head =p
Thanks a lot!! It means a lot and maybe will help me to stop taking pictures in a rush.

VeggieGirl - Ha ha, I'm proud to be able to call it food porn =D
They'll be made tonight - I was too lazy yesterday and just reheated a chickpea cutlet haha! It's for days like these that I'm planning to make a bunch of bean burgers and lentil patties in advance!

Ruby - Oh, I must try it with a maple mustard sauce. Sounds awesome!
Oh thank you thank you *bows* Okay I think I definitely need to take more time on food photos!

Katie - Ha ha, just yesterday my bf & I talked about moving to America and we were like "Okay, who would we get married to to get the green card?" =p
Have you made your own soy milk before? It's a great idea though, because all you need would mainly be some fruit juice added to the regular recipe I guess.

erica hat gesagt…

wow, those purple oats look fantastic!

i absolutely love your blog.. keep up the great work and the beautiful pictures!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot Erica! It always makes me happy to hear when people enjoy it =)

Happy Herbivore! hat gesagt…

berry soy milk? awesome! I love the color!! WOW! & your cutlets look so beautiful. Yum. I havent had them in a while... may need to make some this weekend!

Vegan On Stage hat gesagt…

I love v'con.. its the best thing thats happened to vegans!!!! Im allergic to chickpeas...i wish i could try these because everyone has been raving about them.. i have infact tried the black bean burgers.... THEYRE aWESOME!!!

Alice (in Veganland) hat gesagt…

Your chickpea cutlets came out perfectly round! Send the leftovers to Darmstadt! :-)

insane scribbler hat gesagt…

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Liz² hat gesagt…

talk about eye candy indeed! and can I mention that I love the way you put ingredients together? that dinner with the yogurt and lamb's lettuce sounds so light and perfect and you should come make pink soup for me, too. :D

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Lindsay - The color's great, but I find the milk a tad bit too sweet. I should mix it with some regular milk or water the next time.
And thank you =)

Vegan On Stage - I have to agree with you on that one! There are still sooo many recipes I haven't tried yet that are screaming my name =p

Alice - Anytime, hehe! I was surprised at the roundness too... usually all my patties have the weirdest shapes. I just want them to stick together =p

Liz - Aww thank you, this really means a lot to me =)
Ha ha, I'd do that anytime. Chances are that I'll visit my relatives in Ontario this fall... I'd love to try some of your homemade bread then! Oh and of course the tacos!! I won't get naked, promised =p