Montag, 2. Juni 2008

Linguine & Kamut Pasta in Avocado Cream Sauce with Asparagus & Broccoli and Grilled Veggies & Potatoes with Tomato-Onion Baked Beans

Yesterday after a long hot day outside I came back home and found a perfectly ripe avocado waiting to be used. I didn't feel like making guacamole so I mashed the avocado, mixed it with 2 Tbsp. soy creamer, a tsp. lemon juice and seasoned it with salt & pepper.

Then I cooked the rest of the Linguine and added the recently purchased kamut noodles. They taste wonderful - how I love whole wheat!
In the meantime I cooked some broccoli and asparagus, seasoned with lots of minced garlic, salt, pepper, a little oregano and a dash of nutmeg.

I tossed everything together in a bowl, added two chopped tomatoes, a few fresh basil leaves and sprinkled on some nutritional yeast and pine nuts.
I'll have the leftovers as a cold noodle salad tonight =)

A few days ago I had the following... and the beans were incredibly good! I used what was left in the jar (about 1/3 cup) and I really wished I'd have more.

Anywho, I just sauteed a medium onion in a Tbsp. water, added a clove of garlic and the baked beans, 2 Tbsp. tomato paste, salt, pepper and 2 fresh tomatoes.

And this is the first time I had a yellow zucchini. Nothing too special about it, my grocer just happened to carry them one day.

Onto the baking. I'm having PBJ sandwiches around the clock it seems and I figured I might be able to losen my cravings if I made PB cookies. I halfed the Crispy PB Cookie recipe from VwaV and got out 7 cookies. Thing is, my natural peanut butter is rather runny (although all it contains is peanuts) yet I didn't add more flour. This lead to a very crumbly cookie. Like be-careful-taking-it-off-the-rack-crumbly, as you can maybe tell from the picture.

I had it with a few Tbsp. unsweetened applesauce. And yeah, I ate the cookie with a spoon =p

Now I'll go back to work and enjoy my first watermelon this year for lunch... SO SO GOOD!!!


Jennifer hat gesagt…

All those veggies look fantastic! And that pasta sounds wonderful, how I love avocado.

Your peanut butter cookie sounds and looks fantastic crumbly or not!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

I could really slap myself for forgetting to bring the leftovers to work...

The cookie was so rich... awesome! I think I'll try oatmeal cookies next. I can't believe I've never made oatmeal cookies. And since I'm fine with raisins now I can also make a recipe without having to substitute something else for them =)

romina hat gesagt…

Oh my goodness, that pasta looks so creamy and delicious!!!

And those cookies... YUM! They're definitely waiting to be made by me.

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Considering how much I LOVE avocados and pasta, it's a mystery as to why I STILL haven't eaten them together - looks FABULOUS!!

Oooh, I saw that Crispy Peanut-Butter Cookie recipe in VwaV - definitely need to try it! I just posted about the other peanut-butter cookie recipe (with the oatmeal), in that cookbook :0)

Alice (in Veganland) hat gesagt…

Cookies eaten with spoon are THE BEST!

Ruby Red Vegan hat gesagt…

I love that you ate your cookie with a spoon! Every once in a while I pull out my mini spork to eat my baked goods with, hehe. But that cookie looks divine!

If I set out a Ruby Red brunch buffet (that made me laugh so much, you are the best), then you have got to serve me some of that linguine & kamut pasta dish! It must have been so wonderfully smooth with the avocado and soy creamer... You certainly put a lot of excellent things in there. I love to try new grains also and I want some kamut, dang it!

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Seriously, Lizzy, I want you to come be my personal chef. SERIOUSLY. But if you really can't, then at least send me a peanut butter cookie?

Happy Herbivore! hat gesagt…

you never cease to amaze me!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…