Sonntag, 11. Mai 2008

Another quick Tortilla dinner & chinese inspired Veggie Rice Stir-Fry

More groceries! I'm really in the mood for grocery shopping at the moment it seems..
The crunchy amaranth cereal is fantastic in yogurts and the dried mango strips... well, I ate them all yesterday and felt sick because it were too many but they were seriously too good to stop =p

Also, I finally bought Hoisin sauce as you can see in the first picture! After I got back from Amsterdam I ate at this chinese place in Kreuzberg twice. They have all kinds of dishes, sushi, vegetarian dishes and even burgers that can be ordered vegan with tofu instead of fish.
I chose their veggie rice which was so good that I got the same thing twice. The sauce was delicious!! And they topped the whole thing off with pine nuts... yumm!!!

So I recreated the dish with much more veggies of course. I failed to get soy sprouts, but this was a fantastic light and very satisfying dinner nonthless.

I used a handful of baby asparagus and broccoli, 1/4 yellow and red bell pepper, 1/4 cup scallions, 1/2 carrot and pine nuts. I used to be not too fond of pine nuts and their flavor for a very long time and when I tried them this time the taste kind of reminded me of the fake ham flavor potato chips used to have... odd =p

Then on another day I had wanted to make a nice and finally more complete than usual mexican dinner à la me(meaning it's usually just inspired and I always end up making up my own variation to my liking anyway)tonight... with rice, guacamole and whatnot. But plans for tonight changed & I was left with very little time so I just cooked up a quick garlic-onion-black-and-white-bean-peperoni-tomato something and used roasted baby asparagus in it and as "the sprinkle" of my salad. Along with the new balsamico-basil dressing I bought (all the way to the left).

I used to roast it with some olive oil, but now I just wash it and put it right into the oven for about 20 minutes and it turns out perfectly.


romina hat gesagt…

Mmm, your post just oozes springtime goodness!

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Between your fabulous grocery load (that amaranth cereal sounds particularly enticing), and your fresh, colorful meals (as always), I'm quite hungry after admiring your blog post, haha ;0) Yum!

Jennifer hat gesagt…

I love that you used asparagus in Mexican, it's really good, isn't it? I haven't seen baby asparagus before. :-(

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dried mango is SO good...I cannot even buy it anymore because I cannot stay out of it! Like you, I always eat the entire package! lol--glad to know I am not alone in that!

Your food looks so good! I just bought some asparagus today--you have inspired me to roast it!


ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Chinese and Mexican—you are just going all over the world, aren’t ya?

Ooh and I see dried figs!!! Loooove those little guys!

I am very glad that you now like peaches, because otherwise you’d be missing out on one of my favorite fruits!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Romina - Ha ha, I looked at my post again after reading this and was like "Hey, she's right!" Springgg =D

Veggie Girl - You're too sweet =)
The amaranth cereal is almost gone as I top almost everything I can with it, ha ha!

Jennifer - It totally is! That's why that certain filling of yours completely blew my mind, because you actually cook up an awesome mixture of so many flavors. Me? Not so much, dry roasted asparagus stalks are suffice, ha ha =p

I had honestly never seen the regular green asparagus before. I had it for the first time in Barcelona 2 years ago, can you believe I had no idea such thing existed in the first place? And I don't like white asparagus so I was rather surprised when I tried it and instantly fell in love. I didn't find any in the regular supermarkets at that time and checked out the treasure known as the asian supermarket around the corner and they had only tiny baby asparagus(it's from Thailand though... so probably not the healthiest). But I love them! They're so easy to handle and everything that is easy is my friend when it comes to cooking preparation =p

Courtney - I phewed with delight when I read your comment! Dried mangos really are addicting, I wouldn't have thought. I wish I had some now =p
Yumm, glad I could and I'm sure you had a great dinner =)

Katie - Ha ha, what can I say? I'm such a universal girl ;)

Do you have a good idea how to use them in recipes? This is actually the first time I've tried dried figs so I'm rather clueless =p

I never would!! I'm anxiously awaiting the first perfectly ripe peaches here =)