Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008

Vcon's Quinoa, Black Bean, Mango Salad

First off I want to thank Ashasarala a thousand times for giving me the recipe for this salad as I am not yet an owner of this apparently amazing cookbook.

It probably tastes even more amazing than it did last night because I had neither red wine vinegar, grape seed oil, nor fresh cilantro. So I used a tsp. olive oil, bianco and balsamic vinegar and about 2 Tbsp. chopped parsley (didn't have any more).
It still tasted awesome!

My parents were still at work so I placed the bowl on the dinner table and when they came home later my mom called "I see there's something on the table. Can we have that?" I was like "Sure, it's all yours. I already had a big bowl!"
Five minutes later I got a text message from my mom saying nothing but "M m m m h"! Ha ha, she's so awesome! When I saw her again she apologized that there weren't any leftovers. She and my dad really enjoyed this. To quote my mother "Not only did it taste fantastic, it looked so pretty and colorful! A joy for the eyes and the tastebuds!"

Yup, I will definitely start making more "real" dishes(less baking as my jeans are getting tight and I can not afford new pants at the moment).
Not only do I get to try various dishes I have always wanted to try, my parents are also open people who will definitely try new things and be honest about how they like it and a big plus - my parents will get to eat healthier!
So I guess I know who I'm going to ask for Vcon ;)


Jennifer hat gesagt…

I have this cookbook and somehow missed this recipe! I love quinoa, I love black beans, how did this happen? :-) I still have never had fresh mango either. I've seen it at the store, but never thought to get one, and I love fruit, weird.

Another dish that's a hit with omni's! It is a beautiful meal, I'd have to agree with your mom.

HAHA! I've been cutting back on the baking too. The pants were threatening to start getting snug, and all that sugar! I have been more focused on 'real food' myself, though I promised to make Brett a variation of VCon's Chewy Chocolate Raspberry cookies, this time using strawberry preserves rather than raspberry.

It seems like a pretty win-win situation with your parents. They are willing to try new foods, and so you get them to eat vegan healthy food, seems like a good deal to me!

jenna hat gesagt…

Wow, I really love your site!! That quinoa looks amazing and I seem to be in your same boat right now with trying out veganism. Going dairy-free was easier than I thought and I love how it makes me feel. Still secretly missing cheese a little though !

love your photography!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Jennifer - You really should! I think I'll make another one today because I still have beans, quinoa, scallions, bell pepper and some mango left. YAY!
And believe me... you will LOVE fresh mango, I just know it ;)

I'm sure I'll make cookies every now and then, but I don't want to neglect "real food" which happens when I bake because I can easily live off brownies and cupcakes for a week =p

I love win-win situations, especially if it allows me to cook big portions of nutritious food =)

Jenna - Thank you so much =)
I thought cutting out dairy would be so hard, but I found it surprisingly easy because the benefits of not using dairy had been visible so quickly.
I miss cheese a little, too. On pizzas for example. And sadly I haven't found vegan cheese around here yet.

Cookiemouse hat gesagt…

What a super salad. The colours in the pictures are great and I love the way the quinoa look like pearls. It's interesting that you felt the benefits of cutting out dairy so soon. I noticed a big difference when I stopped drinking milk.

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Girl, that salad is GORGEOUS!! I now know that I HAVE to try that recipe in Veganomicon - yum!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Cookiemouse - It really is! And pearls is so much better... I thought they looked like condoms in the close up =p

I was convinced that it was the right choice when I noticed how much more energy I had. I used to be tired all the time, but luckily that has changed =)

VeggieGirl - It really really was! In fact I'll make it again tonight! And there's no doubt you'll love this!!

jenna hat gesagt…

Just curious---what brought you to Germany? Are you German or American? Last summer I lived in France for 6 weeks, studying---but I've never been over to Germany. I'd love to go though!!!

What benefits did you find after dumping dairy? I feel like I just have more energy and "life" to me, I a cheesy way! :)

Anke hat gesagt…

hi lizzy,

focaccia, here you go: I see you have V-con already, V-con actually inspired me to make a focaccia (there is a recipe in there but I didn't follow it.)

So, what I did was I just took white wheat flour, dry yeast (even though fresh would be much much better but it was Sunday evening), a pinch of salt, and water (500g flour + approx 300ml water, you want a nice, chewing-gum-texture dough) and some fresh rosemary but you couldn't taste it afterwards.

No oil! I made a nice Hefeteig, preheated the oven to 250 degrees (this is really important), let the dough rise, punched it down, rise again, form a very flat loaf, popped the loaf in the oven, lowered the heat to 200 degrees and baked the whole thing for, can't remember, 20-30 minutes.

Jody hat gesagt…

Oh, wow! That looks so colourful and so tasty! I understand your parents decided to eat all that was left, haha! <3 Oh, you're really making me excited about making my own dishes and stuff, too bad I am one big mess when I'm in the kitchen, seriously :P

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Jenna - I was born in Germany and have lived in Berlin all my life. I'd love to go abroad for an internhip or something though when I'm done with studying.

It was exactly the same for me. Within a matter of days I was so full of energy, I could hardly believe it. Back when I still had dairy I was always fatigued.

Anke - Thank you so much! I will definitely give this one a try!!! This will actually be the first bread I'll be baking.

Jody - Aww, move into the apartment next to mine, it's been free for a few weeks now =D That would be AWESOME! Cookies all day long! And granola bars(which I will send you soon, too... so much for me being able to keep a surprise a secret =P)

Ashasarala hat gesagt…

Yay! I'm so happy you tried it and loved it! It really is colorful and extremely yummy. I want to make it again real soon. I love feeling energized after a meal. :)

Happy Herbivore! hat gesagt…

mango is my FAVE fruit. I'm obsessive compulsive about it really. I'm also on the quinoa bandwagon. Holy Shittake that dish is making me nuts.

I must make it! Thankfully I already own the book - thanks for this~!