Dienstag, 5. Februar 2008

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

I promised my friend from Eindhoven, Holland a long time ago to send her cookies. And now I finally managed to bake some.
I wanted to add dried cherries, but in the beginning I couldn't find them anywhere and this one supermarket that actually had them sold a tiny bag for 4 €, eek!!! What's up with that? Are dried cherries always that expensive?
Anyway, I wanted to substitute dried cranberries for the cherries, but only remembered that when the cookies had been almost done.

I used Katies recipe, but used only 1 cup flour and added 1/4 cup cocoa powder. They are a tad bit too sweet for me(but they're not for me so maybe they are just right), but that's my fault. I had only about a tbsp. dark cocoa powder left and then used the organic powder for cocoa drinks which is already sweetend a little bit... I just didn't remember that and used the amount of sugar the recipe recommended. They are not too chocolatey(thanks to the not-enough-cocoa-in-the-house-incident), but taste very good! I can't describe it, but the brown sugar added a very nice flavor!

I imagine they must taste great dipped in some Latte!

So Jody, I know these aren't exactly the cookies I wanted to send to you. Do you want me to bake you another batch?


Jennifer hat gesagt…
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Jennifer hat gesagt…

Looks like you have been busy! I love sitting at work all day, and getting the occasional break, the email telling me someone has updated their blog. It helps make office work more tolerable.

Dried cherries are really expensive here too. I made the Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cherry variation of the Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies in Veganomicon and it ended up costing me around $4 for just enough organic dried cherries for the cookies. Won't be an ingredient I use al that often unfortunately since they cost so much.

What a sweet friend you are sending you lucky pal treats! Vegan, home baked ones no less! I wish I got treats in the mail! Unfortunately, unless I am baking them or I go to a potluck with other veg*n's, the only treats I get are Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free Newman O's. Not the same...

Jennifer hat gesagt…
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ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Sorry the cookies are too sweet!!! :o/

Yours look lots darker than mine too-- is that cause of the cocoa powder?

Here's a funny story about expensive cherries:
I bought a spaghetti squash at the health food store the other day, but the cashier hit the wrong key and ended up charging me for organic bing cherries instead. Well, since squash is a heavy item, I ended up paying for like 2lbs of cherries ($57 US dollars!). No worries; I can easily get my money back, but I just thought it was pretty funny, as who would want 2 lbs of cherries?!

Ruby Red Vegan hat gesagt…

Those cookies look heavenly, especially the golden brown color and the chocolate chunks! And how crazy is this: I have an espresso machine in my room and use it all the time, and have never thought to make a latte to go with my cookies! Hit me over the head now! Thanks for the idea.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Jennifer - I'm the only one to give me vegan treats, too. Makes me love myself, ha ha! =p

Too bad they're so expensive, I'd love to use them more often actually, because dried cherries simply taste great!

Katie - Oh no no, don't feel guilty, it was really my fault because I didn't think through after realizing that my non-sweetend cocoa was used up. They tasted great nevertheless (I had one for breakfast, hehe).
And yeah, the color's from the cocoa. I love it!
Ha ha, 2 lbs of cherries, woah! Now that would have to be quite a big family. Awesome story =p

Ruby - I drooled all over the lovely golden color, too. I used a whole plate of chocolate and just crushed it into the smallest pieces possible. Somehow German supermarkets are not well organized when it comes to chocolate chips. In the baking section you may find milk chocolate chips, but the package is very small and way to expensive.
Ha ha, I see you're a sucker for coffee, too! Yay for espresso machines! And I'm glad that I was able to give you an idea ;)