Freitag, 1. Februar 2008

Peach Pear Cobbler, Scrambled Tofu & Cooking/Baking Plans

Ohh, this way so good. All the cinnamon! And the perfect combination of pears and peaches with it. Yum yum! I didn't have any all-spice the recipe asked for so I added some nutmeg instead.

After the Peach Pear Cobbler I made after work I had satisfied my sweet tooth, but again I needed something hearty.

I can now oficially say that I am no longer a Tofu Scramble virgin!!!
I used VWAVs Veggie Tofu Scramble recipe as a basic, but since I don't like mushrooms I replaced them with some cauliflower and added red, yellow and green bell pepper.
I am rather surprised by the Tofu Scramble. The Tofus consistence is exactly like chicken... that kind of freaks me out, because the main reason why I was vegetarian for almost all my life is that I don't like the taste and the consistence of meat. It was good nevertheless. Next time I'll use more spices, definitely more vegetables and cruble the Tofu into smaller pieces or simply use less.

I decided to make a little list. I really hope that I'll manage to get everything done on time the way I have planned here.

Ohh, I just discovered that we have a microwave at work. It's like right there on the kitchen counter, don't ask me how I could overlook that. Yay, that means no more buying expensive and not necessarily very tasty/nutritious lunch! I can cook my own vegan dinner and just take it to work the next day =D

Cooking/Baking Plans
(hearty | sweet)

    * Mini Tofu Quiches (uses up silken Tofu)
    * Blueberry Scones
    * Jam

    * Pierogis + Borscht
    * Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (as a gift for a friend)

    * Mashed Cauliflower + Garlicky Broccoli + Green Asparagus
    * Banana Chocolate Pudding Brownies

    * Sundried Tomato Hummus
    * Green Soy Tagliatelle + Roasted Brussel Sprouts + Mustard Sauce

    * sth. with Kale (Any suggestions? I've never made anything with kale before so I could need some advice)

    * Mocha Chip Muffins
    * Soy Sprouts + Scrambled Tofu (or chickpeas)

Like I said, this is just a plan, we'll see whether I'm gonna stick with it or end up cooking/baking something completely different ;)

Now I'll make some Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes with before my boyfriend arrives.


Jennifer hat gesagt…

Wow! What a plan! I do this too, but I generally only bake on the weekends, as, well, I'm lazy I guess.

I'm excited to see how it all turns out!

Anke hat gesagt…

kale: this is my favorite way to use kale, takes a while, though. f you go for canned beans it should come together in no time, though...