Dienstag, 26. Februar 2008

Chinese Cabbage and Asparagus Stir-Fry

I slowly roasted an onion, asparagus, yellow bell pepper and scallions on medium heat in a saucepan.
I added soy sauce, chopped chinese cabbage and stirred until it was covered in soy sauce. Then I covered it up, let it simmer for about 2 minutes, added half a shredded carrot, sprinkled it with sesame seeds (I got 'em Jennifer!) and ready was another all veggie dinner!


Jennifer hat gesagt…

This! Looks! Fantastic! I'm really digging your stir-fries. It is absolutely beautiful. You are pretty damn good with that camera of yours, if I had your skill, my food would probably look better than it tasted!

What did you think of the sesame seeds?

For an extra special treat you can toast them. Just heat an unoiled skillet on medium heat, toss your seeds in and stir them pretty much constantly until they are golden brown.

I love simple stir-fries, my favorite seasoning for a basic stir fry is a bit of minced ginger, soy sauce, garlic, and brown rice vinegar. Toss some veggies in that, serve it over rice and you got yourself a great meal.

I am feeling the mid-afternoon munchies pretty hard core now. :-)

Too bad I still have an hour before I get to leave work. :-(

So far I think you are exceeding your goal of three veggie meals a week!

(I still haven't seen any Mexican though! If beans count for your challenge, I can give you all sorts of ideas and recipes, I even have a few all veggie [except for the tortilla, but corn is a veggie!] recipes. I am on a one-woman crusade to get the world to eat more Mexican food.)

When did you change your blog layout, by the way? I like it! Everyone has all these nice layouts, things like 'label clouds' and all this, I just picked a standard template. Maybe I should becom more HTML savvy so I can make my blog look nicer.

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

oooh, that stir-fry looks wonderful - I LOVE the mix of vegetables!

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Mmmm, as usual, it looks terrific. I'm sure I will be trying this idea.

Why are you cutting out grains?
(I'm just curious; I'm NOT trying to pry hehe.)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Your stirfry looks too good!!! I love the combination. And nice touch with the sesame seeds! I've never thought to put them on a stirfry.

Emma hat gesagt…

new reader to your blog...

all of your food looks amazing! I am def. returning to steal some recipes! keep up the amazing pictures and ideas!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Jennifer - Aww thank you so much! I still feel like I should maybe take a photography class some time.
He he, I wish I could cook a stir-fry for you!
The sesame seeds were great! I thought about toasting them, but then the stir-fry was ready and I just wanted to EAT, ha ha!
I might have to try your basic stir-fry, sounds delicious!

Oh yes please, I would love to get some mexican recipes!! And you're an expert when it comes to mexican cooking so what could possibly be better than getting recipes from the Mexican Cuisine Queen? Plus, I'll be forced to try sweet potatoes already =p

I think if I wasn't a webdesigner the blogger HTML code could just as well have been written in chinese cryptics =p
I might make some more changes in the near future. Oh and that cloud... that trend hasn't caught me yet, but let's wait a few weeks ;)

Veggie Girl - Thank you! This was actually the first time I cooked with chinese cabbage. It tasted wonderful and the dish was light yet filling! Score, I guess? =p

Katie - Ha ha, no problem. I'm cutting them out a few days a week so that I'll be more creative with vegetables. I often end up making "just" broccoli or "just" beans as a side dish. If I know right from the start that I won't have grains I'll have to think about all the different vegetables there are, which ones would go well together, how I could combine them so it won't be just a side dish but more of a main course. It's basically just so that I'll try out more vegetables I haven't had yet or experiment with the ones I know and love and create something new.

Romina - Thank you! You should try it, it fit very well. I tend to sprinkle my food with sunflower seeds so sesame seeds is a nice alternation.

Emma - Thank you so much! It makes me very happy to hear that =)

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

I just saw your comment on my blog - I bet that if you flattened the cookies more, and baked them longer, you would get the crispy-type cookies that you desire! :0)

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Thanks so much for posting the casserole reicipe! I'm so excited to try it! One question-- did you use oil or water to roast your veggies? I want to make mine just like yours hehe.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

VeggieGirl - Thanks, I'll try that the next time I'm in the mood for cookies!

Katie - No problem =)
Aww, ha ha I feel so honoured =p For the veggies I used maybe a tsp olive oil, but only because the bottle was empty. So I substituted the rest with some water to prevent the onions from burning. For the baked mean mixture I used water only, thinned the tomato paste with it and added it to the onions before they were sticking to the pan too much.
If you have olive oil I suggest you use it, it's not like you need to stay away from oils out of fear to gain weight ;)

Happy Herbivore! hat gesagt…

I want that! Man I loooove stir-fry.... and motel living leaves me with vegan bars and fruit... I want warm, beautiful stir-fry!!

p.s. thanks for visiting my other blog

Ashasarala hat gesagt…

I can't get enough stir-fry in my life. That looks delicious (and healthy too!).

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Happy Herbivore - No problem, I enjoy your blog. And it kind of helps me staying motivated to keep working out myself =)
Aww, that's too bad =( Now I wish I could send you some over!

Ashasarala - Ha ha, me neither (as you can see in my new post) =p

Priscilla hat gesagt…

Lizzy...oooh, that would be a fantastic dinner for me! Looks great!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Great to hear that! You should try it, chinese cabbage is so easy to cook with and it's done in no time =)