Montag, 25. Februar 2008

Asian Stir-Fry, Brussels Sprouts and 2 Minute Chocolate Cake

Yesterday I had some Asian Stir-Fry my mom made for Dinner.

And I had Paulinas Chocolate Cake for Dessert.

I added crushed cashews to the batter and had 3 layers of sliced banana. I was out of oil and my applesauce had gone bad so I used apple apricot sauce instead. Not a good decision because it tasted pretty much just like that and maple syrup. And I think using carob powder didn't help to save anything either.
I'll try it again with the right ingredients the next time, because honestly - who doesn't dream of cake that can be devoured after 2 minutes in the microwave?

And here's a picture of Brussels Sprouts with nutmeg and some mustard for dipping from few days ago. I borrowed my dads fisheye lense as you can see =p


Anke hat gesagt…

I love the fact your mom makes vegan things for you and also tries what you cook. took my mom more than two years to to that.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

I know, it's so sweet.
I'm thanking my parents over and over again for being so open. And she's very interested in this whole vegan thing, it's awesome!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm loving the new layout! And your photography is really neat. The angles are cool.

Mmmm that stirfry looks so yummy! And the addition of bananas to the cake must've been heaven!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot! I still need some practice with the new lense so more fisheye perspective food pictures can be expected ;)

It really was!

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Yes, your new blog layout is wonderful!! As are ALL of your photographs, as usual :0)

Mmm, stir-fry, brussels sprouts (you know I'm obsessed with them, haha), and cake = sounds like a perfect meal to me! :0)

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Thank you so much =)
Ha ha, when I ate those brussels sprouts and mhhh-ed along while eating I had to think of you and the fact that they are a favorite of yours! Made a connection there - Brussels Sprouts is Veggie Girl food =p

Jennifer hat gesagt…

That Asian stir-fry is another perfect meal for my whole foods challenge, and it looks lovely, healthy and tasty to boot! Go mom!

I knew I could come to your blog daily for yummy veggie filled healthy inspirations!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Aww thanks a lot, makes me feel proud! =p
And I can honestly not get enough of asian stir-fries. So good!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…
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ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Your chocolate cake looks superb. I’m sorry it didn’t taste as good as it looks… but maybe that’s a good thing, because if it DID taste as good as it looks, you might have gone into a chocolate coma from too much deliciousness! And your stir fry looks great—what a swet mom you have :o).
Ok, it’s settled, I’m coming to Berlin to party ;o). I’d bring some of the brownies with my, but my greedy friends already ate them all up!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Ha ha, TRUE!
I know, I'm so surprised that she got used to it so quickly. She's always like "I checked all the lables, don't worry: it's vegan!" "I cooked... it's vegan!" ha ha, so sweet!

Oh yay! Can't blame your friends though ;)
Let's bake new ones, and cupcakes and real cakes and scones and cookies... ohhh baking flash =p

Ashasarala hat gesagt…

You know, you get such great lighting on your pictures. It really shows how yummy the food is! However do you do it? My crappy kitchen is filled with a low lit yellow light. Bleh!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

When the pictures are too dark I play with the lightning and gradiation in Photoshop a little.
My kitchen light is just like yours =(