Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

I can foresee an addiction to Scones here...

Alter Schwede, have I been missing out!

After putting a scone recipe to my to-try-recipes about 5 months back I never got around to try them. Too busy, not in the mood, out of some required ingredient... yadda yadda!

But yesterday I craved some sweet snack because I resisted and didn't buy my beloved Schoko Haferlinge (Quit Now Challenge).
I rediscovered a cookbook I got back when I was 14. It's called 1001 Keks Rezepte (Cookie Recipes) and I wanted to remake another favorite store bought cookie: Spelt Ginger Cookies with chocolate chips.
The cookbook contains about 8 different ginger cookie recipes, but all of them require cooling the dough for at least 45 minutes and up to 24 hours. It was close to 11 pm already, so this was out of option.

Then I remembered an appetizing recipe at Isa's blog for Ginger Chocolate Chip Scones. My mind was set! I made half a batch and had three straight out of the oven, ha ha! Truth to be told, when it comes to sweets I have no self-control. I could've easily eaten the other three - my head definitely wanted to - but my tummy was full as I had eaten my leftover Equilinia & Veggies not long before.

They were delicious! Only thing I would change next time is add more ginger and make them flatter to get more of the awesome crispyness.

Had another one for breakfast yesterday morning. They taste much better fresh & crispy so next time I'll freeze some unbaked scones so I'll be able to have fresh ones within minutes! Yeeehaaa for Scones =D

[edit] I made them again last night. This time flatter with more ginger and baked them for, oh I don't know maybe 40 minutes!? I lowered the heat at some point and they came out extremly crispy but had lost a lot of the ginger taste.

I also made Lindsay's Carrot Cake Cupcakes. This time with 1/2 cup less applesauce, some ground cloves and an additional 15 minutes in the oven.

I used my new silicon muffin "pan" (after buying a mini version first). They are slightly bigger than the usual muffins and SO EASY TO TAKE OUT! I love how you don't need to grease them and they still come out perfectly easy. Nothing's left in the pan!
My cupcakes often used to stick hardcore to the liners, so much that you were only able to eat about half of the muffin because the rest stuck.
Well, not anymore =D

My best friend will come over later for Coffee & Cupcakes, yay!


CeciLiA hat gesagt…

oh my ... those scones - tantalizing! Haha, you sure do like everything crispy eh?! ;0)

Wow, sound like I need to buy myself a silicon muffin pan - yay to no more cake getting stuck to liners :D

Oh remember to feed Spongebob some of those cakes too!! :0)

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Carrot Cake muffins AND Ginger-Chocolate Chip Scones?? DOUBLE YUM!! :0)

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) hat gesagt…

Mmmm, chocolatey ginger scones? Yes please! Kudos to you for not giving in to your challenge.

Mmmm, Lindsay's carrot cake muffins are fantastic. I wish Brett would eat muffins because otherwise I can't finish them before they go bad! I always seem to forget the option of freezing them though......

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Ugh, Lizzy, I already have so much on my to-do list... why oh why did you force me to add "make Lindsay's cupcakes" to it?! I just remember from the last time I made them that they were so good... so now I MUST make 'em again.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I've only had scones once...from the freezer section in the grocery store that WERE NOT vegan! I'll have to try making my own someday, your sound delicious. And Carrot Cake muffins?!?! Your killing em here...carrot cake is my favorite =]

Katy hat gesagt…

I share your love for scones! In fact, I was going to bake some today!

And now you've convined me that I need a silicon muffin pan!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ahh those scones look amazing! I can't wait to make my first attempt at scone-making...

Cookiemouse hat gesagt…

My Mam used to make great scones. With a nice cup of tea. A bygone age.

Jamie the Foodie hat gesagt…

i have never tried making scones...but yours look so yummy...i will definitely be trying them soon!

Liz² hat gesagt…

omg, those scones! I'd been eyeing that recipe for a long time, but I figured I'd have mad trouble keeping myself from eating a whole batch... so I was right? I guess that means they're the best thing ever, though... and that means I have to try making them eventually. :D

oh, and about the cleanse - yeah, it's just lemonade, water, mint tea and laxative tea for 10 days.

oh right - and SALT WATER. Yuck! I mean, you get used to it, but drinking 4 cups of salt water first thing every morning was definitely the worst part. XP

Chile hat gesagt…

Those scones look awesome! I love my silicon muffin pans, too. I also bought the silicone liner to put on my baking sheet, which works great.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Cecilia - Ha ha, yeah! Guess there's no denying in that =p
I can only recommend the silicon pan =)

Veggiegirl - Double invitation for you to come over ;)

Jennifer - Thank you thank you! It took me so long to realize I could simply freeze them. I was like "Duh, why didn't I think of that?" Ha ha! I'm the only one eating my muffins, too. Unless I invite friends over. Join me next time? ;)

Katie - Ha ha, I feel your pain, believe me =p

Shelby - You really should =)
Oh you'll love these cupcakes then! Especially if you frost it with a cream cheese frosting.

Katy - Great minds think alike =D
I can only recommend it although some people have health concerns I think because it's silicone... I don't really know and don't care as long as my muffins come out as clean and perfect as they do now! ;)

afreshdille - Thanks =) enjoy it! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Cookiemouse - Don't you just love memories like that which can be brought back by a simple baked good and some tea? =)

Jamie the Foodie - Thank you! I'm sure you'll love them (especially straight from the oven, ha ha, that might just be me).

Liz² - Ha ha, oh man THANK you for saying this, I thought I was the only one who'd scarf down a whole batch of scones straight from the oven =p

Uhh, salt water *shudders*... but the idea behind it sounds appealing, especially since I had been reading about clearing out your colon before and pretty much felt the need to do it. I looked for some German sites on that cleanse which was basically the same, minus the salt water. But the reviews were rather bad, more like "Not a good idea, don't try it!". But you haven't had any trouble at all, have you? And another question, did you go to work during your cleanse? Because with all the laxative tea, salt water and whatnot it sounds to me like I'll pretty much be pooping all day long. Which is of course the desired effect, but I don't want to take a dump at work (lol, I'm like Finch from American Pie) or spent an hour on the toilet before going to work. Mind sharing your experience?

Chile - Yeah I saw that in the store, too and have been thinking of getting it. Now that you say it works like a charm I guess the decision has been made =)