Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008

Ping Pong Paddles & Vöner

"When he gets going he can rattle a headboard like a sailor on leave!"

Ahh, the joys of living in an apartment building! 
Last night my boyfriend and I spent some quality time listening to my new neighbour downstairs fucking his girlfriend like a madman, ha ha! Seriously, the walls & ground were literally shaking and it sure did sound like lots of spanking action was going on (I sensed a ping pong paddle was involved). 
She sure did get some good lovin' from what I heard... which was so loud that we might just aswell had been sitting right next to them. Kinda made me wonder if they were just really really reeeally loud or they can hear us just as well... 

Anywho, now for those who want to read about food instead of loud sex I am proud to say that, inspired by Mihl, I made a trip to Vöner

And I got THE LAST ONE! It was 22:15 (they close at 22:30) and there was basically nothing left so I asked if it was still enough for one Vöner. It was. 
Seconds later the guy behind me who knew the woman ordered a Vöner, too. She made a sad face and apologized. He was like "Noooo, I've been at work all day and was so looking forward to this!" She made him a fancy burger instead, all good!

I ordered it with garlic sauce and hot sauce. The hot sauce was amazing! Extremly hot though, my tummy ached afterwards. I think the garlic sauce may have been made with tahini. The consistence kind of reminded me of the tahini sauce they put on falafel.

I apologize for the mess that I call "pictures". Cell phone camera at night... need I say more?

Now I've tried Seitan only once before and wasn't too blown away by it. This time the taste was great, but it were huge chunks (not the thin slices you get in real Döner), but that was only because there had been so little left over that there was no way to make thin strips out of it. While chewing I was like "This kind of reminds me of Leberkäse!" Once again I realized I'm not a fan of meat substitutes, especially if it's big chunks like that. 

Since it was so chunky and therefore too much for me and my boyfriend didn't want them (he tried the Vöner and loved the sauces and said the Seitan was quite alright, too) I started picking out Seitan strips. 
And honestly, I felt bad! Because when I looked down I figured the guy behind me could've easily gotten his Vöner. And Mihl could've gotten more Motor.

I'm off to make Lasagna now since my sister will be here soon! She's gonna stay for a week, hooray!!!


Katy hat gesagt…

I love Friends!!! I have all ten seasons on DVD, so I was totally laughing at your comment!

LizNoVeggieGirl hat gesagt…

YIKES!! Horny neighbors, haha :0D Oh man. And yes, 'Friends' is amazing.

Mihl hat gesagt…

oh yes my motor :D Es scheint als wären diese Vöner wirklich schwer zu ergattern, selbst wenn man in Berlin wohnt! If you don't like Seitan so much go and get yourself a cupcake around the corner maybe?
By the way, whenever I am in Berlin I am annoyed by the thin walls you guys have there. But maybe I might have heard THAT ping pong game in my flat too.

Little Miss Sunshine hat gesagt…

HAHAHA! Your comment on 'new neighbour downstairs fucking his girlfriend like a madman ... walls & ground were literally shaking ... I sensed a ping pong paddle was involved' made me laugh out LOUD! So funny!! Are the walls seriously THAT thin ... sheesh! ;0)

Oh my your Vöner looks so delicious!! Hrmm tahini with garlic - I might try out that combination!!

Ahh ... can't wait to see pictures of the lasagna that you made ... I bet it's gonna look SPECTACULAR (as usual)

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Katy - I'm with you here! Hardcore addicted, basically fluent in quoting ;)

VeggieGirl - Another Friends lover =D Lately there had been a rumor about a Friends movie and I got SO SO excited until it turned out to be not true. That was a sad moment... lol

Mihl - Ich wüsste gerne wie groß der Spieß ist wenn die aufmachen. Bei Dönerläden sind die ja teilweise richtige Klopper... und wenn die so einen haben dann holla, haben die echt gute Kundschaft!
I totally didn't get it. I mean I live in an Altbauwohnung and still... BAM BAM BAM, jeez. I guess they assumed an Altbau would be soundproof! Ha ha! Most. Certainly. Not.

Cecilia - Ha ha, glad I was able to ;)
Oh right, thanks for the reminder. The lasagna's almost gone so I'll have to snap a pic of that tiny piece that's left!

Anonym hat gesagt…

What is voner? Is it pizza? I cant tell from the picture.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

A Vöner is a Döner with Seitan instead of meat and looks like this, It's basically toasted bread with seitan, various sauces, salad and veggies

Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh, it looks very delicious. Didn't look like a regular Doner. Thanks for the explanation.