Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008

Weekend Eats!

What do you get when you have no regular soy milk left to make breakfast with? That's right -- Latte Macchiato Oatmeal with Cherries, Banana, Nectarines and maple syrup!

Luckily the macchiato soy milk tasted fantastic in combination with the chosen fruit and syrup!

Raspberry Pancakes... OH SO GOOD! Especially with überdelicious strawberries and banana on the side!
This was quite a pancake weekend. I had these for breakfast on Sunday. Saturday I had carob blueberry pancakes again with lots and lots of honeymelon. They were gone before I could snap a picture!

Bulgur with a zucchini-tomato sauce - my mom cooked this so of course it was delicious (I love the typical mom's-seasoning-taste in her sauces)! This is also the first time I had bulgur and I must agree with everyone else that it tastes great!
I like it better than CousCous (here's an unknown fact about couscous... they didn't add the 2nd -cous until 1979! hahaha I laughed so long about this =p Friends lovers will get it) and will have to pick up a pack tonight.

Then at some point during the weekend I made Gazpacho.

And had it with the last chickpea cutlet, mustard-yogurt dip, red beets & cucumber.

And a Honeymelon-Kiwi Yogurt Smoothie with some flax meal I made - so yummy! I love the thickness of yogurt smoothies... I could've eaten this one with a spoon. I made another shake with honeymelon, kiwi, banana, strawberry and soy milk which was not so good. The soy milk made it taste way too sweet, the banana was pretty overpowering although it was the amount of no more than a Tbsp.! Oh well, I'll keep on experimenting nevertheless.

From my mom's leftover zucchini-tomato sauce & my leftover gazpacho I created the filling for Cannelonis and Lasagna. I forgot to copy the pics onto my USB-stick so I'll post about it tomorrow. Enjoy your day everyone!


VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Oh my goodness, the oatmeal, pancakes, and bulgur dish look SPECTACULAR!!! How do you do it?!??!! Lizzy, you need to become a professional chef (and come cook for me, right now, haha).

romina hat gesagt…

Your mom's sauce looks SO good! What a delicious weekend you had!

Jennifer hat gesagt…

You can come to Missouri and cook ANY of this for me whenever you want. ;-)

Your fruit always gets me! I eat so much fruit but never think to stop and take a picture. Though I just eat it plain, not all fancy like yours!

Alice (in Veganland) hat gesagt…

All your weekend eats look so great...

I think I'll have to try those pancakes!

And yes, I was freezing yesterday, but today it's more or less the same. Did the summer end already? :-(

Katy hat gesagt…

Oh man, I LOVE Friends! I totally got your joke!
All that food looks sooo good!

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Oh my gosh, girl, what an awesome idea to make oatmeal using a flavored milk!!!! I love it and am going to try it ASAP!

CeciLiA hat gesagt…

you have macchiato soy milk??!! Lucky!! The raspberry pancakes look so yummy, do you have a recipe for them??

I have to agree with you about mum's cooking, there's always a "mum's" taste to them - something that we can never create...haha..:0)

Hope you have a great day

Lizzy hat gesagt…

VeggieGirl - Once I'll get sick of sitting in front of a computer all day long & designing I'll follow my true dream and become your personal chef, promised!!! ;)

Romina - I don't know how she does it, but even if I follow her instructions exactly hers still tastes better =p

Jennifer - Oh to be rich *sigh* I would go in and out of your place if I had a jet (or I would've invented a flying bike = no pollution).

Alice - It's so hot again here. I'm wearing 3 langärmlige Sachen because I thought it'd be cold and now I'm all sweaty, ick! Summer is apparently back.
I posted the pancake recipe in my new post (it's my basic one, I only change the fruit I add and occasionally yogurt instead of apple sauce), I hope you'll like them =)

Katy - Ha ha THANK YOU! seriously I couldn't stop giggling because I heard Chandler on repeat in my head for hours =p

Katie - It does a lot!! I'll have to try it with strawberry milk next time!

Cecilia - The macchiato milk is rather new, but I'd happily trade it against the wide variety of soy ice cream, cream cheese and what else you Americans have that's unavailable here =(

Sure, I used the same recipe as in the cherry ones I just posted. Just replace the cherries with raspberries and omit the chocolate =)

Ha ha, exactly! I think (almost) every person would insist that their mom is the best cook.
Thanks a lot, you too! =)