Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

A Crispy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie that deserves its praise!

Celine, you are the best!

For the first time last night I tried a cookie recipe that resulted in a crispy, not chewy, cookie.
Chewy ones are nice, but I remember having my first American chocolate chip cookie and thinking "Are they kidding me? The cookie is almost raw!" German cookies are rock hard, so I was really surprised, ha ha!
Come to think of it, maybe this cookie was supposed to turn out chewy and I simply used too little maple syrup!?

Ruby's picture totally caught my attention and I had been eyeing Celine's cookie recipes for a while now, I just couldn't decide which one to try.
But after I read what Ruby had to say, I knew I had to make it.
[...] the peanut butter cookie from the Chicago Diner. It's one of the most astoundingly tasty cookies/desserts I've ever had, and Celine's cookies taste just like them. Only Celine's version has chocolate chips, which translates to an even better cookie.
Sadly the bottom was burned. I tried scraping it off at first, but then thought screw it and happily gobbled it up. And the recipe results in 2 big cookies which is just perfect - the other one's waiting at home to comfort me after work!

I also had some of my mom's nut muesli and pimped it with chunks of mango, nectarine, kiwi (all covered up sadly) and banana slices. Then I added a few Tbsp. soy yogurt, mixed it with a squirt of agave syrup and topped it off with unsweetened apple sauce, a few raisins, almonds and flaxmeal. Delicious!!!

Work is crazy today, I can't wait to get home, relax and comment on your posts.
Have a nice day everyone!


romina hat gesagt…

Celine is a cookie GENIUS! In fact, she's the cookie Queen!!
It's almost near impossible to make a crispy cookie without it turning rock hard. So kudos to you and her for baking those awesome cookies. MMM!!

Celine hat gesagt…

I can't remember if mine came out crispy or chewy! what is wrong with my brain?
anyway: it's not my recipe, I just downsized it by the way! I think I barely adapted it and just rewrote the instructions. don't want the good folks at Vegetarian Times to think that I'm trying to steal the recipe or something. :)

ps: I am slowly becoming American since I am starting to love on the chewy side of cookies. help?

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Oh my, that cookie sounds wonderful; and I usually PREFER chewy cookies!! But I may have to change my mind now, haha :0)

That nut muesli looks delicious as well! Yum!

Celine = cookie goddess.

Alice (in Veganland) hat gesagt…

I'm totally with you: cookies are crispy! otherwise it's cake! :-)

Cookiemouse hat gesagt…

Cool cookie, and I also like the look of the muesli.

CeciLiA hat gesagt…

I agree with everyone else that Celine is indeed the QUEEN of dessert!! BUT I also think that you're a genius at cooking,baking AND photography! Keep up with the good work Liz!!!

Mihl hat gesagt…

Yes, Celine is the best and her recipes always work out. I've already tried so many of them.

Your müsli looks like a breakfast that is totally worth getting up for.

Jennifer hat gesagt…

We in America are a fan of half a mile thick underdone cookies. At least that has been a lot of my experience. I like chewy cookies alright, but the crispy ones are my favorite!

Your pimped muesli sounds amazing Lizzy, oh my goodness, I wish I could approach my breakfasts with even an ounce of your imagination, I might like breakfast better!