Freitag, 20. Juni 2008


Boring post, just my lunch from yesterday snapped with my cell phone camera.

I'll post more interesting things after the weekend.
A hint: today's shopping will include getting a mini muffin pan and sunday we'll have a cupcake brunch here! They have vegan cupcakes, too! Weeee =D

Raspberry-Peach Smoothie, I love this one!

Rye bread with mustard, red lamb's lettucce, tomato, cucumber & orange bell pepper.

Yumm! Cheaper & healthier option compared to Subway (I knew I'd be in the mood for a Veggie Delight, but since they got my last two orders wrong - once with yogurt sauce instead of sweet onion & once with cheese - I don't think they deserve my money).

I honestly expected Germany to lose as everyone else around here did. So it was quite a nice late-night surprise! And to see them celebrating with their fans and jumping around with such joy (especially Podolski) oddly enough made me feel incredibly happy!


romina hat gesagt…

Germany kicked butt yesterday! Congrats!! I definitely thought of you. =)

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Doesn't look like a boring lunch to me! Looks delicious :0)

Hooray for Germany's win!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh my gosh, that last sandwich picture is stunnnnnning.
It's amazing how incompetent some food service people can be... is it really that hard to put a sub together? Geez.

Alice (in Veganland) hat gesagt…

Oh! they took your orders wrong? morons... Well, you made yourself a very good alternative!

Oh, about the football, I don't know, I share my office with 2 Germans and a Portuguese, and the latter was so sad...

LK hat gesagt…

So, how does the red lamb's lettuce taste? Is it mild like spinach & romaine lettuce, or does it have a stronger, bitter flavor, like Arugula? Just curious.