Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

Cupcake Berlin, Baby Chocolate Cakes, Bulgur dishes & Salads

After days of being absent this is a very random post, just this and that!

First of all: Sunday... what a day!

After wanting to go there for at least three months my buddy & I finally managed to go to Cupcake Berlin.

While my friend chose a Cookies & Cream Cupcake I went with the vegan Raspberry Delight.

I savoured the lonely little raspberry and I could've eaten many more (had it been my call the frosting tops would've been loaded with as many as possible, ha ha)!

I'm not a very big fan of frosting. But that pink buttercream top looked too pretty! I ate half of the frosting because I couldn't stand the taste of margarine anymore at some point which is pretty much all it tasted like.
And Jennifer, look! They have awesome fancy vintage plates like you =D

He got another one with Peanut Butter frosting.

All in all we decided to go there again, soon! The texture of the cupcakes was so light and fluffy!!!

Afterwards we went to Café V, my friend's uncle's restaurant.
I had a mixed salad with grilled veggies (& yogurt-balsamic dressing, not vegan =( but I totally craved this salad... yet I was rather disappointed in myself and felt quite guilty afterwards). I couldn't even come close to finishing it. Doesn't look so big to you?

Well then check out my knees for comparison =p The plate was loaded with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, grilled zucchini, eggplant & bell pepper, olives, shredded carrots and arugula.

But I have to admit that I ate lots of the incredible tomato-garlic bread they served, because this bread seriously just hits the spot!!

I took the salad leftovers with me, but gave it to a homeless guy on the subway.

Dinner yesterday was delicious - my mom cooked for me! Bulgur cooked in some broth, a tomato-veggie side dish she had left over (this was perfect!) and grilled zucchini, bell pepper and eggplant. I had soy yogurt as a replacement for sour cream and I am honestly still amazed by what a perfect substitute it is (as there is no vegan sour cream to be found around here)!

Iceberg & red lamb's lettuce, scallions, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and mango.

My best friend came back from Arizona so I baked Vcon's Chocolate Cake again. This time without blueberries, but with raspberry preserves and banana slices between the layers and VCTOTW's chocolate mousse. I'll post pictures some time soon!

I saved about 1 cup of the batter, mixed in maybe 1/4 cup blueberries and tried out my new silicone mini tartlett thingy & made 3 muffin sized ones with the leftover batter.

I'm in love! I'll definitely get a muffin sized version of this, too!

Bananas with leftover chocolate mousse and cashews. Wow, that was delicious!

And another Pancake dinner!
This time I had Cocoa Blueberry Pancakes with maple syrup and bananas because I didn't have anything else.

Dinner a few days ago was bulgur mixed with sauteed onions, garlic, broccoli, orange bell pepper, zucchini and scallions.
Side dishes were baked beans (made them before) and mashed avocado with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, garlic & lime juice.

We also had a salad of iceberg lettucce, red lamb's lettucce, cucumber, tomato, orange bell pepper, carrot, red onions and sweet corn on the side.

Have a great Thursday everyone! =)
I'll try to catch up with all your posts asap!


Celine hat gesagt…

the cupcake pictures are leaving me lost for words. perfection has a new face, and thy name be Cupcake Berlin.

CeciLiA hat gesagt…

wow everything looks so yummy on this page - ONCE AGAIN! The cupcake is so CUTE! I'm with you on the frosting, I'm never a fan of it haha ...

Don't feel guilty because you've eaten something that's non-vegan ... noone's perfect :0)

Wow, where did you get all your meal ideas from ... you're so creative!!

The choc cake ... SLURP!! yum yum yum... you're such a nice friend!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) hat gesagt…

Mmmm raspberry vegan cupcakes! I would have just said, load more of those raspberries on the side! C'mon!

Those vintage plates are loads cooler than mine! If only mine were one color, damn the environmentalist in me that won't allow me to go buy 'pretty' plates when I have perfectly fine ones at home.

That IS a big salad. Aw, don't feel too bad. There was some chocolate in the office yesterday, it looked like dark chocolate, so I grabbed a bite and ate it. Well, I am allergic to dairy so about ten minutes after I ate it, I was all snotty and mucus-y and gross. I paid for not reading the damn label.

How nice of your mom to cook for you!

I just wish I could eat what's on my computer screen right now.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Celine - I should pass this on to them, I'm sure the american owner would feel honoured =)

Cecilia - Ha ha, glad I'm not the only one!
Thank you =)
And for meal ideas I look at tons of blogs, want to make all the dishes I see and usually combine the best of everything, ha ha =p

Jennifer - Oh I KNOW what you mean. I'd love to buy new plates, but I'm like "Nooo, you have tons of plates and bowls and whatnot that are perfectly fine!"

Sorry about the chocolate, that sucks! Especially if your reaction is this extreme =(
I seriously wish that every food without animal products in them was labled with a big fat VEGAN (I know many companies do, but it should be a universal thing... maybe not vegan because people who love to eat crap probably wouldn't buy it because it would appear to be healthy/ier, but at least no animal products) so we could skip all the label reading.

Oh believe me I would LET YOU ;)
I'll have to bake another cake or cupcakes again because I made like 3/4 too much chocolate mousse. You are of course invited =D Bring Brett along, too!

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

I'm normally not a fan of frosting either; but hey, I agree, it IS gorgeous!! I would have eaten some too, haha :0)

No worries about the slip-up - I'm sure the salad was worth it!!

That banana with mousse & cashews = too heavenly for words.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, Lizzy - it was so thoughtful of you, and meant so much. Thanks again :0)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow-- all those pictures are incredible! The restaurant meal looks wonderful, especially the salad. I love those big, epic salads where you don't know where to start.

Alice (in Veganland) hat gesagt…

Oh well, the salad IS huge. I wish I had vegan cupcakes here...

just me hat gesagt…

i just found your blog and your food looks delicious! especially all the desserts! i'm so jealous!!

VeganCowGirl hat gesagt…

I live in Brussels and am coming to Berlin in a couple of weeks - can you make some veganny suggestions for places to eat??

delicious chronicles hat gesagt…

the cupcake place!!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

VeggieGirl - Chocolate mousse made of tofu, chocolate and maple syrup is much better than margarine mixed with some sugar *shudders* I'd always go for this instead of regular frosting.
Yeah, it truly was worth it! Next time I'll have to bring some soy yogurt and order it sans dressing =p
It's good to see you're better already =)

mad about udon - Thanks! And I absolutely agree! Big salads are the best!!! Each bite reveals more goodness beneath the leafs!

alice - Come to visit, I need a buddy to eat my way through the vegan places with here ;)

just me - Thanks a lot =)

vegancowgirl - Hey! This page has vegan places listed(rated). Majas Deli is supposed to be very good! I myself haven't checked out many all-vegan places yet so sadly I can't make a personal recommendation.
Berlin Vegan But I hope this helped =)
Enjoy your stay here!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

You have the most gorgeous food - love all your veggie concoctions. That salad was huge and lovely. I love all your photos too of where you live.

Lizzy hat gesagt…

nikki - thank you so very much =) i love your blog layout, btw!