Montag, 17. März 2008

Granola Bars

So I'm back at work. I've been here for an hour and my bosses are chatting next door. Oh well, that gives me time to update my blog! I don't mind chilling a little longer ;)

Last night I had a toasted pita pocket. Not whole wheat, but at least with sunflower seeds ;)
One half with mustard & red bell pepper, the other half with the all-time favorite peanut butter & jelly.

Yeah, as you may be able to tell I wasn't really in the mood for cooking.

This weekend I made Rominas Granola Bars. The recipe sounded wonderful, exactly like what I was looking for. Sadly I think I pressed them in the pan too much because they tasted pretty gum-like. Or I should've left them in the oven longer.

I topped it with peanut butter because it was rather dry. That kind of helped, but nevertheless I wasn't able to eat more than one half.

I'm sure they would've tasted great if only they had turned out like hers. I will give them a try again some time and get them right!


Jennifer hat gesagt…

It's always hard to go back to work after being on vacation isn't it? I took a three day weekend (so am off today) and I don't want to go back tomorrow. :-)

I like your idea for the mustard/bell pepper pita pocket.

Too bad your granola bars didn't turn out. They look beautiful though!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Totally! Although I'm not having much to do so far, but still... getting up this morning was so hard =p
Enjoy your day off! Have you planned anything?

I think I spread mustard on anything. I rarely have vegan spreads so mustard it is ;)

I was just as disappointed because they came out looking perfect, shape wise and so on. But I haven't given up on them yet!
This batch will be air dried and fed to my moms horse ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm sorry your granola bars didn't turn out. Try baking them for a few less minutes. I check mine every 10 minutes or so to make sure it doesn't get too hard. They look really good! Way better than when I made them, hehe. =)

Happy Herbivore! hat gesagt…

I am making Romina's bars today!! I hope mine look half as pretty as yours~!

p.s. PB&J is always my default meal. I love it!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Romina - Thanks, I'll try this the next time =)

Happy Herbivore - Enjoy them =) And I'm sure they will, just press the mixture as hard into the pan as possible and they should look like mine, ha ha!

It's such a classic, eh? I doubt I'll ever get enough of it.

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Haha, I hope you didn't stick the two pita sides together!

jenna hat gesagt…

Homemade granola bars??!! This has my name all over it. I will have to try these...

ps- your dinner looks so good...I can never make up my mind either as to what I want and peanut butter is most always involved! :)

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Katie - Ha ha, I was so careful so that they wouldn't touch, but I still got some pb on my bell pepper. Ah well, better than mustard on my jelly =p

Jenna - Do this! If they hadn't turned out that dry I would've brushed them with a thin layer of dark chocolate. Ah well, next time!

Ha ha that's so true! When I can't decide on something I'll go back to good old pb&jelly =p