Dienstag, 1. April 2008

Garlic-Thyme String & Black Beans with roasted Garlic Zucchini, Asparagus & Tomatoes

String Beans with lots of garlic and thyme... that has always been my favorite side dish.
This time I added some black beans which I found in the freezer. Fit very well =)

What a delightful garlic scented dinner! This is a rather fast meal if you have canned beans on hand. Both dishes only need about 15 minutes to cook so they are done at the same time and can be enjoyed right away!

My parents savoured this and my dad asked for more, but I had to disappoint him because I didn't cook that much. Ah well, next time! But I really appreciate it that they enjoy my food and are always willing to try and to comment on everything I make.

So this serves 2-3 I'd say. Or one very hungry person.

Garlic-Thyme String & Black Beans


2-3 Tbsp. water (or more as needed)
1 medium/big onion (I prefer a big one)
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 can string beans, drained
1 1/2 cup black beans, cooked
thyme (at least 1 Tbsp., but do as you please)
salt & pepper, to taste

1. in a saucepan sautee the onion in water for a few minutes, then add the garlic
2. add the string beans, sprinkle with thyme, some salt & pepper, stir, cover and cook on low-medium for 13 minutes
3. after 13 minutes add the cooked black beans, stir and season with more salt & pepper if needed
4. cover again and cook for 2 more minutes

Roasted Garlic Zucchini, Asparagus & Tomatoes


1 zucchini
1 cup asparagus
2 cups cherry tomatoes
1 clove of garlic, minced

1. preheat the oven to 350°F
2. cut the veggies, line them up on a rimmed baking sheet, sprinkle with garlic, salt and pepper
3. roast for 15-20 minutes

My parents had a sunflower seed pita pocket to go with it.

And I finally made a recipe index, check it out if you like!


Jennifer hat gesagt…

This looks fantastic!

I love string beans and garlic. Sometimes we will roast them in the oven and the get a bit crisp. Can't beat that.

I'm so excited that your family (and boyfriend!) have been enjoying your vegan cooking.

Wahoo a Lizzy Recipe Index!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Looks amazing and colorful!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Jennifer - I've thought of roasting them too, so I'm glad to hear that you've done this already =)
To be honest I've never used fresh beans though, always the canned ones. Would that work, too? I think I'll have to try fresh ones nevertheless since almost everything tastes better fresh ;)

I'm incredibly happy about that, too! I'll make stuffed peppers later and top them with mushrooms so that he won't be able to resist and say something like "I need that vegan stuffed pepper - NOW!" ha ha.

Romina - And it was! The tomatoes added the perfect sweet juicyness to it!

Betsy hat gesagt…

thyme is one of my favorite herbs, both fresh and dried. i once had to search all of Sevilla for fresh thyme because I needed it for an american thanksgiving in Spain I was throwing. Found it eventually and it was soo worth it!

Alice (in Veganland) hat gesagt…

Everything looks so healthy! Now I feel ashamed that I just ate those 2 vegan cookies. Oh, whatever.

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

ggggggggggarlic!!! My one true love!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Those roasted veggies sound amazing! So simple and yet so good...


Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh and yay! Your recipe index looks great! Thank you SO much for making it...I cannot wait to try all of your delicious recipes!!

VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

haha, now you know to always make extras!! :0D that's great that your meal was so well-received - it definitely looks fantastic!! yum!!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Betsy - It's a wonderful herb indeed!

Alice - Don't worry, I had candy right afterwards ;)

Katie - Ha ha "What are people having? A garlic martini?"
"Take your garlic peelers off me!" =p

Courtney - It's one of those perfect meals for when you don't feel like cooking and have to use up veggies. Love it!!
And you're welcome =) Hope you'll enjoy it!

Veggie Girl - That's true and I'm rather excited about that ;)
Thank you!!

Happy Herbivore! hat gesagt…

what a GREAT combo! I think bbeans have to me the most universal food EVER

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Happy Herbivore, it really was!! I still have so many black beans in my freezer and they seem to fit into just any dish!