Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

Persian Food

Wow it's been quite a while... but I was internetless for quite some time. Aswell as lazy... ;)

First pictures from Berlin. We went to this vegetarian bistro/restaurant/caterer ALSA and the owner is persian and holy moly his food was extremly delicious. I even liked the rice&raisins combo, something I've always detested.
This was a vegan dish, eggplant casserole with beans, lentils, nuts and whatnot. So fucking amazing!!!

And a mix of salads he had left (we got there at around 4 and almost all the plates were pretty much empty already=good sign!).

Anywho, I finally had some money to buy food. Raspberries are so addictive ♥

Spinach with cucumber, raspberries and a surprisingly good tasting basil dressing (storebought dressings mostly suck... or maybe I just always pick the bad ones).

I've been trying to catch up with your blogs and the last days were simply horrible because I had no food/money/whatsoever and your pictures almost made me cry! And realize what amazing chefs each and every one of you would make (this is not neccessarily the starving person from a couple of days ago talking, he he). Anyone up for inventing beaming and starting a delivery service worldwide with amazing vegan food creations? ;)


VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

LIZZY!!!! I've been worried about you!! Soo glad to see that you've been eating amazing food while you've been away from the blogging world!! :0)

Alice (in Veganland) hat gesagt…

Lizzy I missed you! You're still in Amsterdam, aren't you? There's nothing cheaper than beans and rice, and they can be quite tasty with the right spices! Being on a budget sucks, but you're good improvising, you'll be fine :-)

Lizzy hat gesagt…

veggiegirl - yesss, i've been away for too long! ohh and i saw your video, gracious amazing girl you =) wonderful!

alice - ha ha yeah, beans are a miracle food which i'll make use of many times until february (and afterwards) ;) btw, are you on my amsterdam blog? if not please give me your email adress, i think my recent post will make you run around your apartment, die arme in die luft reissend ich bin bereit ich bin bereit, ha ha ha =p spongebob erinnert mich immer an dich ;)

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) hat gesagt…

Lizzy! I've missed you!

Aw, I'm sorry finances have been tight - if you were here in the States, I would happily feed you. And Alice is right, beans and rice are quite cheap and make good meals. I don't eat them because they are cheap - I eat them because I love them, but their lack of expense is definitely a good thing.

That sucks you don't have regular access to the internet over there.

I hope aside from the money issues all is well for you and that you might be around a little more. ;-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I am going to Berlin soon and have to find that place. The food looks great!
By the way, when I was in Amsterdam I was wondering if there was only one supermarket chain (Albert Heijn). Just curious...

pavotrouge hat gesagt…

haven't been to Berlin for ages, but I'm thinking about going to Amsterdam for a weekend. any place you would recommend?

Ruby Red Vegan hat gesagt…

Lizzy starving?! Oh, no no! That's an awful thing to hear! But I'm glad you have food money again -- what a relief. Your current eats look awesome. Love the raspberries!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

Jennifer - Before going vegan I was never too fond of beans, but now I eat them on a regular basis. They seem to go perfect with almost anything =)
Ha ha, yeah everything's well and hopefully the internet thing will resolve itself quickly!

Mihl - Wenn du U-Bhf Walther-Schreiber-Platz aussteigst iegt das gleich zwischen den 2 Einkaufszentren =)
Aber musst mal bei berlinvegan einfach weiterklicken welche Restuarants da noch drinstehen. Hab mir die neulich alle mal angesehen und bin fast verrückt geworden vor Vorfreude dass ich das bald alles ausprobieren kann ;) Ich muss echt nach Prenzlauer Berg ziehen, das is so das Portland von Berlin ;)
Ha ha ha ha, seriously I was thinking the same thing when I was here for the first time a few years back. And so far the only other ones I've spotted (which were not many) were Dirk and one Aldi store =p Schon extrem, ich war auch nur so Hallo? was geht? Bei uns gibt's extra, Kaisers, Lidl, Penny, Spar, Edeka, Reichelt... =p

Pavotrouge - I haven't really tried many vegan places here except for De Bolhoed which was nice - I love their large mixed salad =) Other than that you can get vegan cake and stuff at the Bio Markt(I love the fact that they're open on Sunday until 7 aswell)

Ruby - He he, it's all good now ;) I just had a huge spinach salad with avocado and stuff, no more starving ;)
Hopefully I'll get back on track and post more again!

ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

I don't think I've ever had Persian food, but it looks delish. I HAVE, however, had raspberries... and yours look so nice and ripe that I'm wishing I had some right now.

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