Samstag, 9. Mai 2009

Raw Cheesecake

I made this for my mom's birthday and she has been raving aout it ever since. Ha ha, I love how I can get out of stressing over what to buy someone as a gift by simply baking - or in this case freezing - a cake.

She even bought the ingredients to make it herself next time. After the birthday brunch I was left with three notes of her friends asking for the recipe. I used this one.

On Thursday I'll finally have my written exam. Oh the weight that's gonna fall off my shoulders...


jodye hat gesagt…

What a beautiful dessert! I also love the baking option of gift giving!

Cafe Cyan hat gesagt…

Sounds like an awesome thing to try as I am adding more raw dishes to my diet. Thanks for the idea!

VEGAN TICKLES hat gesagt…

Looks store bought!1

cherrybombpie hat gesagt…

very pretty looking cake there. bet it tasted pretty as well.

T hat gesagt…

That looks amazing! Food gifts are the best to give and receive.

HayMarket8 hat gesagt…

Wow!!!! This looks amazing. I have wanted to make a good raw vegan cheesecake recently. I want to make more raw foods!

Cookiemouse hat gesagt…

Please send cheesecake!

Miyuki hat gesagt…


Found your site linked from another. Nice layout and great looking food! I will be following you ;)


Anonym hat gesagt…

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