Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

Lunch & Snacks

After getting spoiled with a wide selection of fantastic smoothies at AH in Amsterdam, seeing the options here are pretty depressing. We have like three different brands available and they're not that mind blowing. And since I found frozen nectarines and blueberries in the freezer this morning I blended them with some soy milk, water, half a banana and a little apple-mango-puree and a tsp. ground flax seeds. Took a tiny apple (seriously, can't resist buying small versions of things because I feel like they're made for me) and a Lubs bar to school. 

The fruit bar was bleh, rather dry and not worth the money. I made some kind of Lara bar fakes this afternoon (they're not available here, but I wanted to know what the hype is all about). Didn't add any nuts though after the dryness of the bar from this morning and made Date-Cranberry-Banana, Date-Mango-Apple-Pineapple and Date-Apple-Cranberry ones instead. All the dried fruit was bought long before I went to Amsterdam so the expiration date was coming close and since back then I bought them with the intention to make the Lara bars anyway I figured now or never. I was actually afraid my blender would die on me, but it worked surprisingly well.

I also still had a chocolate coconut bar lying around that tasted fucking brilliant!

And some blueberry yogurt with banana and a ripped date-cocount confect.

Gotta pack some more food on days where we do so many calculations and theoretical stuff at school though, I felt like I was dying.
On days like these I wish I lived with Erin and would get a Lunchbox like hers (all the friggin goodness) prepared every morning. This lady really knows how to lunch!


VeggieGirl hat gesagt…

Sorry about the fruit bar; but everything looks fabulous!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

HOLY CRAP! That yogurt is so bright, I LOVE it!!!

Mihl hat gesagt…

I was quite impressed by the smoothies whe I was in Amsterdam, too.
The other bar is a bonvita, right? They are so good!

Lizzy hat gesagt…

vg - i just had the homemade one, very yummy =)

shelby - haha yeah i'm a sucker for anything purple

mihl - the coconut bar is that one here. wie bounty, nur viel geiler (abgesehn davon dass ich bounty auch nie mochte, haha). glaub ich muss mir davon n paar auf halde legen ;)

Lizzy hat gesagt…

hatte die marke völlig übersehn ;) mein vorrat von 2 stück den ich mir vor 3 stunden geholt hab is schon wieder aufgegessen, haha =p